We hebben afgelopen weekend een fantastische show in Hasselt Belgie gegeven.

Het was een geweldig evenement, Ray en Anita waren er, milk inc., Snap en nog vele andere supergave artiesten. We hebben een super avond gehad. En wat ben ik trots op onze dancers, they're amazing!!!

The diva,s of dance binnenkort bij de Televizierring-uitreiking....


  A LUA SOL    Samrock and Marco   

 Download de nieuwe single  Make Me Happy 


   A.Lua’Sol BiographyCapturing a feeling within a few moments of Music and words.  Making songs which take people on flights of fancy, in order to experience those feelings, emotions, music and words again and again – hopefully for a very long time.  This is the core mission of A. Lua’Sol, as defined and stated by the men themselves, Marco Leeuwis and Shalamon Baskin.  Over the years both have created or been involved in various projects, which achieved  success the world over.  The point of A. Lua’Sol however, is not to ride on the success of the past, but rather to create something new and enjoyable for themselves as well the general public (It’s all about the people man!).  Shalamon Baskin “I am in Love with songwriting and performing. There is nothing I would rather do more at the moment, than those two things.  I am ecstatic to be able to let people see and hear another part of Me through the creativity of A. Lua’Sol”.   Marco Leeuwis “I eat, drink and dream music. Producing, writing, and deejaying take up most of My time. When I create a song, I always have the party people at the forefront of My mind so....Let’s Party!”.  A. Lua’Sol is actually three Brazilian words put together, A moon sun. It describes those special days, when the moon and sun let themselves be seen at the same time.  This is something special, mysterious and magical, yet anyone Who looks up can enjoy and experience A. Lua’Sol….And with open ears, You can now hear them as well.Marco and Shamrock met at the end of 2008 through a mutual friend while Shamrock was rehearsing for a tour of The Netherlands. Shortly afterwards, Marco invited Shamrock to his studio.  They wrote three songs in as many hours and decided then and there to do a project together.  Thus was A.Lua’Sol born.  Shamrock and Marco decided early on, A.Lua’Sol would be a song driven project, using various guest Artists as required, in order to give each song its own voice, color, identity and vibe.  The music is honest-- Pop/Dance with a touch of Urban R&B and whatever else the guys feel like throwing into the mix.  Although A.Lua’Sol is Marco and Shamrock, it also a collective of like minded individuals, whose sole purpose is to bring great music and entertainment to the world. The guys will be introducing many new Artists as well as re-introducing Artists they think are great.   The same rules will apply for their live show.  A.Lua’Sol is taken from the Brazilian words for Moon and Sun.  And describes those special days when You can see both at the same time.  We invite You to embark on what is sure to be a wonderful musical adventure with A.Lua’Sol.   Guest Artists: Greg Dillard(US), Drew Darcy(UK), Line Krogholm(DK), Nadja Nooijen(NL), Linda Estelle(NL) and a few more.                                  Tel: 0031 (0) 598 326348 - Fax: 0031 (0) 598 324185 - Mobile: 0031 (0) 6 51433433 - email: - ING bank 670060437 - KvK: 56140


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